1.  Agents sending passport to us have to fill the form carefully with all genuine details of the passenger. the consulate will take 4 working days to process the applications, and if any queries regarding documents will be brought to your notice on the fourth day. so please fill the forms carefully for any delay in your application.

2. Photo specification will 35x45 with 80 percent face mat clearing.

3 More than 5 application in a day; We have to take an appointment or have to inform one day prior to vfs .vfs will accept only 200 passports in a day that includes tourist, business and groups .

Tourist visa if any fake itenary or fake hotel voucher submitted in consulate will be rejected and might be have difficulties to get visa in schengen territories.

5 Most important green card and alien card holder have to take Swiss visa compulsory.

6 Pax should not call directly to consulate if he requires urgent date he can submit his case directly in consulate but he will get his passport after 10 working days and have to reach consulate between 8.30 to 9.00 in morn .between Monday to Friday.

7 You have to send demand draft of 3900 along with the cases, favoring  consulate general of Switzerland. payable to Mumbai. fees can be changed in the future.

8 Please do call us if u have groups or more than 5 passport a day as we have to inform vfs to get it submitted on the same day if possible


Passengers applying for dependent visas, Please note the Marriage or Birth Certificate will be required to do Notary and Home Dept from Issued place and MEA from Delhi.

Business Visa  :

Valid passport,
One original form,
Two photographs (size 35mmx45mm in white background, not older than 6 months),
Overseas Medical Insurance,
Covering letter,
Copy of the Declaration,
Invitation letter and Business correspondence (Invitation should be fax to the consulate directly & one copy to us),
Return ticket,
Income tax papers,
Salary slip for last 6 Months,
Bank Statement,

Tourist Visa  :

Valid passport,
One original form,
One photograph (size 35mmx45mm in white background, not older than 6 months),
Overseas Medical Insurance,
Covering letter,
Foreign Exchange or International credit card,
Income tax papers,
Salary slip for last 3 years
Return ticket,
Onward visa,
Hotel Confirmation,
Bank statement,
In recent marriage case the name of spouse should be mention on the passport OR Original marriage certificate require with notary and home dept from the issued place . 

W.E.F. 01st Feb 2008, Swiss Consulate will accept all the Visa application in DROP BOX, the processing time will be 03 working days, Please note while submission the consulate will accept all the visa application and visa fees demand draft. The consulate will not inform us any requirement regarding the visa application, any further requirement or missing docs will be inform by the consulate only on the 03rd working day while collection.

If the consulate requested for missing or an additional documents on the 3rd working day, passenger need to submit the same within 2 weeks or the visa application will get refused. Please note the visa fees is not refundable.

(If the pax is above 60 years old, Medical Insurance policy is required for business & tourist)

1.  Fax for business invitation should come directly to consulate and one copy to us.

2.  Bank statement compulsory for tourist and business also pax residence number.

Visa Time Taken 

05 Working days

Visa Sub. Time

08:30 AM to 11:00 AM

All Travel Agencies will be allowed to submit their cases until 9:30 a.m. only...

Please note same day submission will not be Possible.


Visa Coll. Time

01:00 PM to 04:00 PM
W.E.F. 07th April 2010, The consulate will accept only New visa application , the new visa application is available on given website of the Swiss VFS, Please note the declaration remains same

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